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Driving change

When it comes to its oxidized products, VISCOWAX® is a forerunner in the transformation from solvent-based to water-based products.

Our oxidized PE and EVA waxes contain functional groups, making them polar and easy emulsifiable in water. These waxes are thus predestinated for the use in water-based systems. VISCOWAX® is used as a textile auxiliary, in water-born lacquers and printing inks, and in leather processing, among other things, to improve product properties worldwide.

The Viscowax Edge

Our oxidized EVA-copolymer wax is very easily emulsifiable, due to its high polarity and low melting point.

Dr. Christoph Bornschein

Customer Technical Service

Recommended Products

Over the years, a selection of products has emerged as the best choice for emulsions. Find our recommendations below.

VISCOWAX ® 252, 253:

Citrus fruit coating, Softening agent in textile auxiliary, Release agents, Floor polishes, Aqueous Printing Inks & Varnishes, Paper coating

VISCOWAX ® 261, 262:

Shoe polish, Textile auxiliaries


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