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Improving Adhesive Performance

Due to their low viscosity in a molten stage, waxes represent typical ingredients of hotmelt adhesives (HMA). Thanks to its VISCOWAX® product portfolio, Innospec is able to offer a variety of wax properties, tailored to a broad range of possible uses with different purposes and benefits. A well balanced range of properties enables customers to adjust viscosity, open time and set speed, heat resistance, and adhesion. Additional potential benefits are improved oil retention and cold flexibility.

Producers of packaging, wood and furniture, graphic arts, HM PSA, hygiene products, and assembly trust our VISCOWAX® edge.

The Viscowax Edge

One of our customers proudly told me that without our VISCOWAX® 353 he would have never been able to process cardboard boxes, with high memory forces so quickly.

Joan Bose

Sales Manager Polymers

Recommended Products

Over the years, a selection of products has emerged as the best choice for adhesives. Find our recommendations below.


PE-wax with a unique combination of low viscosity and high melting point. Excellent alternative to FT-waxes for packaging hotmelts while supporting adhesion and cold flexibility.


High melting, crystalline PE-wax for best heat resistance, oil retarding, cohesion, shear stability.

Further suitable products: VISCOWAX 115, 114

VISCOWAX ® 122, 123, 135:

Amorphous PE-waxes with good cohesion, cold flexibility and hottack

EVA-waxes, like VISCOWAX ® 353:

Polar amorphous waxes with own adhesion potential, good hot teck, high cold temperature flexibility. Compatible with different materials.


Get in touch with one of our polymer specialists and learn more about VISCOWAX® and its benefits for your production process and product quality.